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The best destination for the Chain O' Lakes & Lake Michigan boating communities, and the fantastic businesses that serve them.


"Kaplan Boating" aims to provide boaters with the knowledge, recommendations, guides and information to embrace and enjoy these amazing waterways safely.

What We Do

We launched to


  • Create  a 1-stop site for boaters to learn about boating, local waterways & the  businesses that serve them​

  • Bring unique boating accessories for hassle-free boat ownership.

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  • Connect boating and waterfront businesses with boaters for more sales

To learn how we can help your business with

  • website design

  • video production

  • social media strategy, or

  • advertise with us


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Your full service resource guide about the Chain O'Lakes and Lake Michigan boating, alongside details about the lake itself, browse to a Lakes landing page or via the navigation below.

Greg, Founder Of Kaplan Boating


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Boaters & Families

Great go to site for anyone on the chain or Lake Michigan!!  Thanks for such a clever idea and the time you invested!! A+++

Mike, 34

Image by Nikola Radojcic<