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Boat Cleaner

Chain O'Lakes Marinas & Marine Service Businesses


F = Fishing

G = Gas dock

L = Launch

M = Mechanic

P= Pier (ShoreStation) Service

R = Rentals


Petite, Spring & Bluff Lake

Pistakee Lake


Advantech Automotive

Advantech was founded upon the principles of giving our customers excellent service at a reasonable price. 


We have over 30 years of experience working professionally on all things automotive and watercraft engine related including :


  • foreign and domestic vehicles

  • watercrafts

  • diesel and heavy equipment

  • trailer outfitting and wiring, hitches

  • custom car building and tuning, and restorations.


Sensar Marine

sm-app icon_edited.png

Detect and track changes of your boat’s critical systems, and visualize their status on your mobile phone.


Keep track of your boat wherever you are:


  • battery status

  • bilge status + bilge water & air temp

  • accelerometer to detect unexpected movements & G-forces

  • GPS to detect movements outside of a zone

  • triplog to track your time on the boat

More info and buy here


Boat Dock Mooring System

Prevent boat/dock contact with the BDS. The system


  • automatically adjusts to changes in wind, tide, & wake conditions

  • eliminates the need for dock line adjustments

  • protects your boat in rough conditions at the dock 

  • ensures a safe time at docking during inclement weather 

Confidence in your boat mooring routine is about to improve dramatically

BDMS apparatus includes

  • two complete 40" BLUE docking arm devices 

  • one blue arm for bow and stern

  • 15 foot mooring line per arm

  • set of black rubber bumper end caps is included

More info and buy here

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