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You're on your way to your boat and start thinking
...will it start the battery dead
...did the bilge pump work
...was the boat secured

With a limited boating season in most of the country, every day out on the water counts.  

The remote boat monitoring and docking systems are 2 solutions to enable more time on the water.

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Q: Why buy from

A: Unique products at special prices for the boating community


Q: How are the products delivered?

A: Typically UPS or FedExIn-person pickup or drop-off may be arranged in N. IL


Q: Is there anything else needed?

A1: BDMS (boat dock mooring system): keep using the bow, stern & spring lines

A2: Sensar Marine, a subscription is required for the remote monitoring. The data is available through a free mobile app

A3: Siren Marine, a "Main Unit" (PRO or PLUS) is always required + a subscription from Siren MarineThe remote monitoring data is through a mobile app


Q: How long for shipping?

A: Generally, 1 - 2 weeks. Some Siren Marine electronics may have stocking delays. If delays are more than 2 weeks, you will notified


Q: Does Kaplan Boating do the install or service?

A1: The electronics products can be a DIY project and your boat can be in the water for install

A2: The BDMS does not require an install, it is a docking tie up system 

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