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Boat Monitoring

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Sensar Marine FAQs

Does the system draw power from the boat battery?

No. The main unit has an internal battery that can monitor the boat for up to 40 days. The internal battery is charged via the boat's battery when the engine is running or the boat is connected to shore power.

How long does the internal battery last?

The Boat Monitor is designed to use as little power as possible to retrieve and send data about your boat. 

Because of this, the system can run for 40 days without any external power. 

What battery voltages are compatible?

Boat Monitor is designed to monitor 12 and 24 volt lead-acid batteries  and automatically adjusts the alarm values ​​to fit the battery voltage.

The system can be connected to 12V and 24V lithium batteries as well, but the voltage notifications will be set to the standard levels used maintaining lead-acid batteries. 

How often does the Boat Monitor send data to the app?

There are two modes for the system:

1. When the boat is not in use, data is sent once an hour
2. When the boat is in use, data is sent once every minute

If one of the sensors goes off in alarm, the system will send data immediately regardless of whether the boat is in use or not

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