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Boat Monitoring Core - by Sensar Marine

Boat Monitoring Core - by Sensar Marine

Excluding Sales Tax

The Core Version includes

1. Low battery level monitoring for 2 -  12V/24V battery banks

2. Real-time information on the position of the boat integrated with Google Maps

3. Geofence notification if boat leaves an area (100-150 yard circle around the boat)

4. Triplog automatically records  every time your boat sets out 

5. Impact monitoring via an integrated accelerometer that measures G-forces


The Boat Monitor is Always On


The Sensar Marine unit runs 24/7 without drawing power from your boat

The Boat Monitor is the system's brain - where data from your boat is continually collected, and sent to your app.

The system runs on an internal battery with 40 days of power and charges itself every time your boat batteries are being charged. In other words, it is completely maintenance-free and will monitor your boat for years without having to remove it to charge.

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